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Most treatment programs offer a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, with abstinence as the sole goal of treatment. While this works for some people, it does not work for all.

Evo is an outpatient addiction treatment program in Venice, California that respects where you are and where you want to go. Evo’s goal is your lasting health and wellness, working with each person’s needs as a whole, complex person. We work with you to identify outcomes that work for you, based on what's best for your life. Learn more.

No judgment or moralizing. We believe you are doing your best, even when it is most challenging. We don't think you are sick or broken, and we don't think "tough love" works. Instead, we provide compassionate, loving care.

You don't have to stop to start. And success doesn't necessarily equal sobriety. You set goals that work for you, whether they include complete abstinence or moderation.

You don't have to put your life on pause. We combine the effectiveness of the most intensive and successful programs. Integrating care into your everyday life leads to long-term success.

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When people don’t force me to not use, I end up making my own decisions. If I choose sobriety, it’s mine.
— Client

Evo welcomes people who:

  • Have tried abstinence and it hasn't worked
  • Want to quit harder drugs, but explore moderating their drinking
  • Have habits they want to change, but don't call themselves addicts
  • Want to take preventative steps to address substance use before it becomes a problem
  • Want comprehensive treatment, but can't take a month off work or school to go to rehab
  • Have "relapsed" multiple times and want an alternative approach to recovery

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