News Coverage of the Addiction Treatment Industry

“The truth is, there can be more money in a patient relapsing than in them recovering. So at it’s worse, this system encourages a cycle of admission, recovery, relapse, readmission, and relapse again.”
— John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

Often those looking for care are in a state of crisis and want to make quick decisions about treatment to get immediate help. However, it’s important to have a realistic picture of the industry to make informed decisions.

Recently, many of the unethical practices of the addiction treatment industry have been receiving mainstream news coverage, including scams, corruption, and ineffective care. It’s encouraging that these practices are finally coming to light and hopefully this exposure will push the industry toward a major shift.

The following is a compilation of media coverage that exposes some of the unscrupulous practices of the addiction treatment industry. We hope this list is helpful to get a better understanding of the world of addiction recovery and can help people find help that is ethical, evidence-based, and can provide lasting results.

If you're looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, here are some good starting resources:

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