Radical Ideas About Artists & Addiction


Featuring insightful and eye-opening interviews with artists, managers, songwriters, executive producers, and more, “Quit the Chaos. Keep the Gig,” is a new series that takes a look at how substance use affects everyone in the music & entertainment industry.


On November 21, 2018, hypnotherapist Holly Shaw of the Performers & Creator's Lab invited Evo-founder Koorosh Rassekh to join her and talk about what exactly the link is between entertainers and substance use problems.

Listen toEpisode 42: Radical Ideas About Artists and Addiction.”

“If you struggle with substances on a regular basis, then the holidays can be especially tough and so I have a special guest today, Koorosh Rassekh, MMFT founder of Evo Health and Wellness Addiction Center that offers a different solution and some radical ideas around substance use and abuse. We talk about why entertainers especially have problems with substance use, about changing your habits from a place of success instead of failure and more! Listen as Koorosh shares insights from his personal story and some radical ideas about addiction.”

Learn more about Holly Shaw. Last year, she also participated in a Facebook Live Q&A with Koorosh discussing similar topics.

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